Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reasons for CNA Training

In the times of tough economic recession that is still expanding, a lot of people start rethinking their careers. Millions of people have been fired or displaced due to the economic crisis, thus left without any source of income. The only way out of this situation is to enter the new career that offers much more security and various benefits. If you find yourself in such a complicated position, then you can consider becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant by completing CNA training. Below are the main advantages of this career.

First of all, you can receive CNA training for free if you search hard enough. Fee-based training is very common, however some community colleges, nursing centers and hospitals can provide free CNA training in exchange for working in this health care facility after certification is completed. Free studying opportunities are unique and reflect the growing need for health care professionals nowadays.

Second, CNA career gives you stability and job security even in the most unstable economy. The generation of ‘baby boomers’ is aging today creating a great demand for health care professionals in all kinds of facilities. What’s more, Certified Nursing Assistant job is a very rewarding job in a moral sense. What you do is that you help people day by day. CNAs spend much more time with patients than any other health care professionals, thus supporting them morally and assisting physically.

Another important reason to complete CNA training is that you will always have numerous options. You can pursue a home health career or work in all kinds of medical facilities. You can work any shifts and hours you find suitable. If you are persistent enough, you can also climb the career ladder and finally become a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse. Many facilities provide financial assistance and reimbursement for CNAs who decide to take such kinds of classes.

Therefore, CNA can be just a perfect entry level position in a health care career.
As for the income that CNAs can count on, it will certainly depend on the amount of training and years of experience. Nurses who have just completed CNA training usually make about $20,000 while more experienced CNAs have an average salary of $30,000.

As for the CNA training itself, it lasts from 6 to 12 weeks depending on the facility that provides it. Therefore, you will be able to start working quite soon after you pass a certification exam. CNA training program is one of the shortest compare to most other programs of study; however it includes all the necessary skills and knowledge.

During this course you will learn all the basic terms, medications and equipment used in various medical conditions. Hands- on training provides students with first-hand experience in medical settings. You will be instructed how to perform hygienic tasks, basic first aid, how to transfer patients and move them in bed, how to feed them, bathe them, take temperature and various samples. What’s more, you will be also taught how to behave in different situations occurring in CNA work.

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